Hi, I’m Mingjie.

3 years ago, I moved fromShanghai, Chinato Maryland, United States. Since then, I have been putting a lot of my spare time into the open-source community while taking leadership positions in various non-profit communities like Hack Club and I enjoyed contributing to these programs because of my personal experience — I would never have been able to become who I am now if I did not move to the United States. I hope teenagers like me can recognize that no matter who they are, where they are, as long as they have free access to the internet, they are alreadyextremely privileged.

I ran student coding events like CodeDay, Hack Chicago, and McDonogh Hacks I. During these exceptional organizing opportunities, I was able to exchange ideas with students and leaders from different areas. Soon I found out that most people don’t recognize how lucky they are to be living atthe center of global technological innovations.

However, I do not believe that technology should be a requirement for everyone. I believe that technology can be introduced to students in a completely different way, either focusing onproject-based learningor advocating for betterstudent-led programs. But no matter how it is delivered, technology should never be a stressful subject; we should either teach it well, or leave it for the students to explore on their own.

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